Nanogold in Rapid Tests


  • Žiga Jelen University of Maribor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia; Pomurje Science and Innovation Centre, Dvorec Rakičan, Lendavska ulica 28, Rakičan, 9000 Murska Sobota



Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been successfully used as biosensors since the early 1990s, when researchers first demonstrated the use of AuNPs functionalized with DNA probes as a sensing platform for the detection of specific DNA sequences. Since then, gold nanoparticle-based biosensors have seen rapid advancements and have been applied in various fields, including medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety. Where they are commonly applied as point of care rapid tests based on functionalised AuNPs, for use as highly specific, reliable, and simple to use rapid tests for the determination of pregnancy, diseases, allergies, and many others. This short review article offers a quick insight into the different types of rapid tests and their components.


Gold nanoparticles, AuNPs, functionalized, rapid tests, diagnostics
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