Nanostructured Materials, Structures and Mechanical Properties, Processing and Applications




Nanomaterials are becoming an integral part of high-performance products and services. As technology advances, the possibilities for engineering components with nanomaterials are more numerous, taking advantage of the benefits that these materials have the potential to provide. Nanostructured materials have bulk dimensions with a structure that includes nanoscale features, and have been around for quite some time, hidden in everyday items. More recently, they have been made possible to be analysed and manipulated with increasingly sophisticated instruments and processes. This ability has made them more accessible, however, challenges still remain in the more widespread adoption of these materials for exploiting their advantages. The present paper outlines the position and emergence of nanostructured materials in the broader context of nanomaterials, examining their mechanical properties, production methods and applications.


nanostructures, strength of nanostructures, nanostructured material production techniques, nanostrunanostructured material use cases


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