Corrosion Characterisation of Brazing Ag59Cu31Pd10 Alloy for Potential Dental Applications




This research addresses the corrosion behaviour of the Ag-based alloy with Pd as the component in three different corrosion environments: standard physiological saline solution (SS; 0.9% NaCl), Ringer’s solution (RS), and Fusayama's artificial saliva (AS) at 37 °C. The examination has a primary goal to evaluate the suitability of the alloy as dental material and is used following the electrochemical methods: open circuit potential (OCP), linear polarisation resistance (LRP), and Tafel extrapolation from the potentiodynamic measurement, which is a broad interval of anodic potential. Chemical analysis of the RS after recording a polarisation curve was also a significant part of the study. The results showed OCP values from 35 mV to 65 mV and polarisation resistance values (Rp) in the interval from 8.5 up to 19.3 kΩ×cm2. The most corrosive solution was RS, and the least was AS. The corrosion current density in AS was close to 1 μA×cm-2. Although the alloy, in AS particularly, has a relatively high Rp value and OCP close to the Ag alloys with a higher content of noble metals, it has low breakdown potential, which directly led to its classification as an unstable dental material for permanent use. The concentrations of the metals in RS were at ppb levels for Ag, tens of ppb for Pd, and 0.64 mg×dm-3 for Cu. Regardless of the unsatisfactory corrosion characteristics for the application, the paper showed good potential for the Ag-Cu-Pd system as a brazing filler for dental use and as an adequate control for similar studies.


silver brazing alloy, dental application, corrosion, isotonic solutions, artificial saliva
Supporting Agencies
This work was financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, contracts number: 451-03-66/2024-03/ 200052, 451-03-65/2024-03/200135 and 451-03-66/2024-03/200287.


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