Dr. Karlo Raić, professor emeritus

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Dr. Karlo Raić


Karlo T. Raić is a distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Department of Metallurgical Engineering (DME), Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Serbia (FTM-UB-Ser). His teachings span a broad range of courses, including Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering, Surface Engineering, Metallic Materials in Medicine, and Iron and Steel-selected Topics.

Throughout his illustrious career, Professor Raić has held numerous key positions, demonstrating his leadership and commitment to metallurgical education and research. His extensive experience includes terms as President of the Metallurgical Division at FTM-UB-Ser, Head of the DME, Member of the Faculty Council, Editor in Chief of FTM-UB-Ser editions, and Vice President of the Association of Metallurgical Engineers of Serbia (AMES). His editorial roles have encompassed several esteemed publications within his field.

His scholarship encompasses several prestigious programs worldwide, including DAAD Braunschweig, Max-Plank-Institute for Metals Research, Washington State University, OeAD Leoben, and Erasmus+ initiatives in Slovakia and Austria.

Professor Raić's primary expertise lies in Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering, with a particular emphasis on surface modification and characterization of metallic materials for a diverse array of applications. He has made substantial contributions to the scientific community, with over 170 publications including peer-reviewed journals, national journals, and conference books, as well as more than 8 textbooks.

Actively involved in academic and research communities, Professor Raić has participated in and coordinated numerous national and international projects. Additionally, he has provided invaluable mentorship as a thesis advisor and served on various organizing committees. As a reviewer for international and national journals, monographs, conference papers, and grant applications, his expertise has guided the advancement of new materials and technologies. His influence extends further as a dedicated member and leader of international and national conference committees.