Prof. Dr. Ramesh Singh

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Professor Ramesh Singh has contributed immensely to the development and enhancement in science & technology in Malaysia, particularly in the field of ceramics engineering. Amongst his significant achievements include the development of an ageing resistant zirconia for steam environment, production of a novel nanostructured hydroxyapatite bioceramic derived from eggshells and bovine bones for orthopedic applications, and more recently is the tailoring of a novel electrical-conducive ceramic that is able to conduct electric current at room temperature without compromising on the mechanical properties.

His work has attracted great interest from the industries locally and internationally. He has provided solutions to industrial problems and has developed new materials/products that exhibit enhanced performance and reliability. He has published more than 300 research articles in various ISI/WoS- and Scopus-listed publications, and his research group has secured more than RM15 million of research funding for numerous projects relating to materials development, advanced manufacturing, and machining. Prof. Ramesh has filed numerous patents for his inventions and received many accolades as a distinguished scholar. He was the recipient of the prestigious IEM Young Engineer Award, MTSF Science & Technology Award 2014, and won more than 55 awards at international/national exhibitions pertaining to his research and inventions. He was recognized as one of the top 12 "Malaysia Engineer Stars" by the Institution of Engineers Malaysia for his notable contribution in the field of engineering education and advancement in ceramics engineering in the country.

Prof. Ramesh is a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council, UK, a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia, a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, and a Fellow of five prominent professional societies, including The Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK, Institution of Engineers Australia, Institution of Engineers Malaysia, Institute of Materials Malaysia, and Malaysia Scientific Association. He is on the international Editorial Board of Ceramics International (a Web of Science, Tier 1, Elsevier Publication), the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (a Scopus-listed publication), an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Institute of Materials Malaysia, and the Journal of Industrial Technology.

Besides research excellence, Prof. Ramesh is also a distinguished professor in mechanical and materials engineering in the country. He is serving in numerous capacities as an external assessor, professional mentor, resource person, external examiner, advisor, and engineering accreditation panel. He holds a joint appointment as an Associate Director with the Engineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia, for his notable contribution in upholding the standards and quality of engineering education in Malaysia.

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